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We're here to help. Don't be fooled by companies charging fees to apply or guaranteeing you a loan. They're scammers. We are different. We honestly can't guarantee you a loan.  We are not the bank and don't loan the money for your auto. However, because of our volume, we are able to help most people finance their next vehicle without a lot of hassle or money down. Don't be surprised if you drive your auto home the same day. You can find lots of great examples of Auto Loan Center at this

We help car buyers with bad credit connect to auto dealers that will give them a second chance and can get them approved fast. Husker Car Loans works with the largest auto finance companies online along with the most reputable vehicle dealerships in the US and Canada to ensure you'll get the best car loan, even with a bad credit.

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At Husker Car Loans, our financing request process is fast and easy. For most people, it takes a few minutes to fill out the credit application on our web site. Even if you have bad credit, we’ll do our best to assist you in getting connected to an auto loan resource.

Once you submit your credit application, we'll try to match you with one or more local dealers or lender financing specialists who will try to help secure your loan and get you behind the wheel of your car! Please note that you are under no obligation to work with any affiliate we connect you with.
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